Monday, April 20, 2009

Yes, sir?

Waiter: Good evening. What would you like to have?
Customer: Uhm, I'll have some soup of the day, please, as a first dish.
W: After that, would you prefer fish or meat?
C: I think I'll have the chicken with vegetables, please.
W: And what would you like to drink?
C: A glass of wine, please.
W: And for dessert?
C: I'll have chocolate brownie with vanilla ice-cream, please.
W: Anything else?
C: No, thank you.
(Some minutes later)
Waiter: Your soup, sir. Here you are.
Customer: Excuse me!
Waiter: Yes, sir?
C: This soup is too cold. I can't eat it!
W: Oh, sorry, sir. I'll bring another one.
(Some minutes later)
Waiter: Your new soup and your chicken, sir.
Customer: Excuse me, this chicken is not hot enough. I can't eat it!
W: Sorry, sir.
(The man finishes his lunch)
Customer: Can I have the bill, please?
Waiter: Certainly. Will you pay cash or with credit card?
C: With credit card.
W: Here you are.